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Trabant Trek TV Series to air on Travel Channel International May 2011

Thursday, 7 April 2011 - 22:32

That’s right Trabant Trek has already entered post-production on it’s self-titled, 17 episode television series for the international Travel Channel. Chalk-full of all the excitement and drama that driving a plastic car from Germany to Cambodia has to offer – along with a considerable amount of heavy drinking – the series will air in May 2011 and be broadcast across more than 60 countries. To see what it’s all about check out the promo video here.

World Cup Trek/Wreck Trek TV series is on its way…

As if Trabant Trek weren’t enough Nomadic Nation is currently at work chopping down hours of footage from the successful World Cup Trek Africa to create a pilot episode for a yet another crazy adventure-reality TV series. Featuring an international cast driving junkyard bought rust-buckets and suffering through the heat, dusty roads, a couple bouts of malaria and a few accidents while crossing the African continent in order to make it to Cape Town in time for the 2010 World Cup. Check out our webisodes and be sure to keep an eye out for further developments on the series!

Sign up now for the ultimate summer road trip across Europe!!

Thursday, 7 April 2011 - 22:29

Nomadic Nation is partnering with a likeminded band of misfits for the Black Sea Run rally to take place in the end of July, 2011. The Black Sea Run is looking for those foolhardy and adventurous enough to join in driving sh*tty cars from Oslo to Kazantip – site of the annual and infamous party/rave on the Black Sea.

If you have 10-14 days, a passion for partying and driving sign up! Not only do you have the chance to nurse a dilapidated auto through some of the old soviet bloc countries, ending up on a beach drinking authentic Ukrainian vodka with a Russian supermodel – you could also end up on TV! We know at the very least we’ve piqued your curiosity… 

Check out the Black Sea Run website for more information!!

Day 39 - UPDATE

Thursday, 24 June 2010 - 19:54

Firstly, I must apologize to our readers and sponsors for the delay in blog postings. Africa has not been kind to us, but we have been having one hell of an adventure!

The Team, both cast and crew has fractured along with losing yet another vehicle. The second Renault freshly painted in Dakhla, Morocco promptly exploded in Mauritania's Sahara heat. The issue, NO oil in the engine, which despite being one of UK-J's primary concerns was overlooked. This mishap costs us both time and the inability to continue with in full with 12 people. 

First to go were Javier (to Las Vegas),Walter (to Rome) and Noah (to only God knows where) in Bamako. It simply put was both not the right project for the first and monetary issues with the second and third. Regardless, we pushed on to Ouga where UK-J and Rob decided to stay put despite now having space in the vehicles. It was in their words not the trip they had signed up for. 

Day 1

Thursday, 24 June 2010 - 19:30

Group Shot

Berlin to Hof, Germany - Large cities are to overland expeditions what salt to a slug is, a long painful death. Berlin proved to be a time warp. 

It started off well enough. Everyone was up and ready downstairs eating breakfast by 8am. It was a schedule I was determined to keep. We had CNN coming to interview us at 10am giving us enough time for last minute preparations. We would pack while they were around and leave directly afterwards. That at least was the plan.

CNN showed up late, packing was delayed by interviews, leaving was delayed by the mandatory group shots, then by set up shots of leaving Berlin, followed by mass chaos trying to leave the city. Wrong autobahn, wrong exit, wrong side of town. In the three hours in which it took us to leave the city we ended up getting closer to Stockholm than Cape Town. I took a solace in that it wasn't the nearly eight hour debacle we had on Trabant Trek trying to flee Istanbul.

Prep Week Blog 3

Saturday, 29 May 2010 - 09:35

Ghetto Pimmps get started

The remainder of the cast trickled in towards the end of the week, Jonathan on Thursday and the two girls, Lucy and Susan on Friday. By Friday evening the 12 of us were finally complete. Only three days to go until departure. 

Cast is as follows:
Rob Evans, 38 (USA)
Lucy Rava, 25 (Australia)
Tony Perez, 30 (USA) aka Tony P
Susan Fecher, 28 (USA)
Jonathan Lea-Howarth, 32 (UK) aka JLH or UKJ
John Lovejoy, 30 (USA) it's me writing these blogs if you haven't figured that out