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Forming a Nation

Sick of the office and the feeling that everyday is a sad, cyclical routine? Are after-work drinks the highlight of your day? The feeling is shared around the world, no matter what country you're from. The world continues to contract and pretty soon nothing will be new. There is still time though...

We want to get you out of your cubicle and onto the dirt roads of countries you would have never dreamed of visiting, and all for a good cause! Life should be filled with adventure, not monotony!

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Prep Week Blog 3

Saturday, 29 May 2010 - 09:35

Ghetto Pimmps get started

The remainder of the cast trickled in towards the end of the week, Jonathan on Thursday and the two girls, Lucy and Susan on Friday. By Friday evening the 12 of us were finally complete. Only three days to go until departure. 

Cast is as follows:
Rob Evans, 38 (USA)
Lucy Rava, 25 (Australia)
Tony Perez, 30 (USA) aka Tony P
Susan Fecher, 28 (USA)
Jonathan Lea-Howarth, 32 (UK) aka JLH or UKJ
John Lovejoy, 30 (USA) it's me writing these blogs if you haven't figured that out


Saturday, 22 May 2010 - 05:02

Group 2

It had taken a lot of driving but the decision was narrowed down to three groups of three cars. Safety inspection certificate along with other random German bureaucratic measures (too boring to mention) had limited our choices.

I turned the decision over to Tony with the simple advice that I had prior experience with the Renault and wanted no part of that piece of shit on the trip. I did not doubt Tony's judgement, but also knew he had little experience with European models and makes.