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The World Cup Trek

An epic, 17,000km charity drive from Berlin to Cape Town for the 2010 World Cup, and more importantly, in aid of the children of Africa. Sound crazy? Well, six daring (or perhaps idiotic) adventurers have signed on to undertake this amazing endeavor.

This is an intrepid voyage on a scale not seen since Ferdinand Magellan. The teams have scoured Berlin to find some of the worst, cheapest clunkers possible to drive through the deserts, savannahs, rain forests and metropolises of Africa. After negotiating the roads, paths and mudtracks on their route, all that is left for the teams to do is avoid being devoured by the native wildlife, and get to Cape Town in time for the World Cup.

Peruse the World Cup Trek website for more information. The World Cup Trek is being done in a spirit of fun and adventure, but is ultimately a fundraising venture for three amazing charitable organizations that envision the sport of football as a powerful means of assisting the children of Africa. See how you can help these organizations in Africa make a difference, while following along with this insane voyage!

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Trabant Trek TV Series to air on Travel Channel International May 2011

Thursday, 7 April 2011 - 22:32

That’s right Trabant Trek has already entered post-production on it’s self-titled, 17 episode television series for the international Travel Channel. Chalk-full of all the excitement and drama that driving a plastic car from Germany to Cambodia has to offer – along with a considerable amount of heavy drinking – the series will air in May 2011 and be broadcast across more than 60 countries. To see what it’s all about check out the promo video here.

World Cup Trek/Wreck Trek TV series is on its way…

As if Trabant Trek weren’t enough Nomadic Nation is currently at work chopping down hours of footage from the successful World Cup Trek Africa to create a pilot episode for a yet another crazy adventure-reality TV series. Featuring an international cast driving junkyard bought rust-buckets and suffering through the heat, dusty roads, a couple bouts of malaria and a few accidents while crossing the African continent in order to make it to Cape Town in time for the 2010 World Cup. Check out our webisodes and be sure to keep an eye out for further developments on the series!

Sign up now for the ultimate summer road trip across Europe!!

Thursday, 7 April 2011 - 22:29

Nomadic Nation is partnering with a likeminded band of misfits for the Black Sea Run rally to take place in the end of July, 2011. The Black Sea Run is looking for those foolhardy and adventurous enough to join in driving sh*tty cars from Oslo to Kazantip – site of the annual and infamous party/rave on the Black Sea.

If you have 10-14 days, a passion for partying and driving sign up! Not only do you have the chance to nurse a dilapidated auto through some of the old soviet bloc countries, ending up on a beach drinking authentic Ukrainian vodka with a Russian supermodel – you could also end up on TV! We know at the very least we’ve piqued your curiosity… 

Check out the Black Sea Run website for more information!!